How To Present With Power

Confident and effective presentation is all about projecting power in your voice. Here are some simple tips to help you present with power:

Imagine you actually are powerful …. even if you’re not (yet). Research by Professor Adam Galinsky of Columbia Business School suggests that just imagining you are in power, or thinking back to a situation where you were in power, can add authority to your voice.

Proper posture makes for a powerful performance. Wherever possible standing rather than sitting will automatically project your voice more powerfully. Avoid turning to one side, pacing around the speaking area or worse still turning your back on your audience, all of which will weaken your projection.

Practice, and use, deep breathing techniques. Sound is conducted by air, so the greater the volume of air in your lungs the more your voice will resonate in the room.

Enunciate clearly. Mumbling or mis-pronouncing words will weaken the power of your presentation. Practice any words that are unfamiliar or which could trip you up.

For example, according to a survey on social media platform Reddit recently, Worcestershire is one of the hardest words in the English language to pronounce properly!

Like it or not, volume equates with power.  But the secret is to get the volume just right – loud enough for your audience to hear clearly but without shouting. Factors to consider are: The size of the room, the distance to your audience and whether you have a microphone or not. Research has shown that your own voice always appears louder to you than it actually is, so speaking up is generally always good advice if you really do want to project with power.