Eight Power Words To Boost Your Content

These words will improve your content marketing instantly …. guaranteed !

Today I’ll look at that billion dollar question …. are there any magic words you can use that will make your content marketing stronger, and even help it sell more?

Well, the answer is there are lots of words that can help – including some that copywriters and content marketers like to keep a closely-guarded secret – but here are a few of the most effective ones, that are also very easy to use.

New. Just look at most of the existing successful ads. out there – they’re mostly aimed at telling us something we don’t already know. Using the word new might be an old technique, but it’s still highly effective.

Free. The word free appeals to the sense of getting something for nothing that attracts many potential buyers. It can also imbue your content with that oh-so-liberating feeling of freedom.

Note …. just like ‘new’ you need to use the word ‘free’ fairly sparingly and, of course, make sure it’s true.

Instantly. Whatever we’re buying quick fixes are high on the buying agenda. Things that work here, now, today always seem more appealing. Other good words you can use in the same vein: Fast. Quickly. Now. Immediate.

Save. There are so many ways you can use the word save that it’s probably one of the most useful words ever invented. Save time … save money … save effort … save worry …. save work. The list goes on!

Enjoy. As I mentioned in an earlier article, benefits are what really sells products and services. And this is a good way of not only introducing the benefits the buyer will enjoy, but actually spelling them out.

Secret. We all respond to being offered a secret that few others are party to. Use it in a serious way or use it in a gossipy way. Either way it’s highly effective.

Guaranteed. No matter how good your product or service is potential buyers want reassurance that it’s going to be as good as you say it is. Guaranteed helps underline your confidence in what you’re saying.

You. Likewise ‘your’, or ‘yours’. Not only does the word you give a direct, personal feel to your copy, it also appeals to our sense of what’s in it for us …. another way of pushing those all-important benefits.

So whatever you’re writing – whether it be a blog post, article, email or letter, online ad., press release or brochure – pack your content with as many of these words as you can (and which of course are appropriate) and you’re sure to see direct and worthwhile benefits.

If you would like some more help with writing powerful, persuasive copy drop me an email: mark @ markhempshell.com