This Could Be Why Your Website’s A Flop !

Why you need to keep adding great content …. and lots of it.

Did your latest website do quite well when you first set it up? Did it get found in plenty of searches, and did it generate a decent volume of customer enquiries? But has it tailed off in recent months (or years) to the point where you’re wondering what’s wrong?

Well the reason probably isn’t that the design isn’t good enough. The reason could simply be that there isn’t anywhere near enough good content.

Firstly, some of the reasons you need to keep adding new content are related to search engine optimisation. Here are a few thoughts …

* Search engines search for content, not just for sites. If there isn’t much content on your site there isn’t much for them to find. Simple really.

* More pages mean more content to find. Think of it this way, a site with only four or five pages (and there are loads of those still around) only gives you four or five bites of the cherry. A site with 50, 100 or several hundred pages gives you hundreds of opportunities to get found.

* Regularly adding content tells the search engine that your site is alive and kicking, and that it’s worth coming back more often to see what’s going on.

* More content means more linking opportunities – and relevant links are very popular with the search engines.

But it’s not just about SEO. It is also about real, human visitors. In fact, in these says when SEO is more difficult to crack (anybody who tells you they’ve cracked the secret of SEO probably doesn’t know what they’re talking about) it is mostly about your real, human visitors.

Here’s why more content is a good way to get more customers …

* People can see you actually exist, when your content is new and up to date.

If your content has been there years (worse still if it’s dated years ago) they might even think your business has closed.

* People will assume you know your subject if there’s plenty of content.

The more content there is, the more they’ll assume you know about what you’re selling.

* It helps to keep people coming back, if they can see that new content is being added on a regular basis. And the more often they keep coming the more likely they are to buy.

Whatever business you’re in there’s no shortage of great content you can add to your website. If you’d like some ideas get in touch with me … mark @