Sales Letter Writing Made Simple

Sales letters can be a highly effective way to generate new leads and make more sales. Even though in these digital times your sales letter might be an email instead. Good sales letters can be easier to copywrite than you think. Here are my most useful tips to help you write better and more effective sales letters:

1. Start by breaking the ice. A short, simple greeting and introduction is usually appreciated – and gets your foot in the door without any obvious sell.

For example: Good morning. My name is John Smith, and I’m MD of ABC Systems.

2. Follow up quickly by telling the reader why you’re writing. And make it crystal clear that reading on will be worth their while.

For example: Today I’d like to offer you something of great value …. and all for absolutely no risk or obligation on your part whatsoever.

3. Catch their curiosity …. say something intriguing! It’s a very simple way to keep them reading right to the end.

For example: If I told you that we could save you up to 75% on your business overheads you wouldn’t believe me would you? But we can. I’ll explain exactly how very shortly!

From this point on though the teasing stops. You have to start to deliver on what you’ve promised. Here’s what to do next:

4. Outline what your product or service is. And try and throw in why you’re different to your competitors.

Example: At XYZ Limited we specialise in providing the most competitive commercial finance packages solely for property investors.

5. Tell the reader why they need whatever you’re selling. Don’t assume they’ll put two and two together and realise for themselves.

Example: Our system is proven to save you time, and boost your bottom line.

6. Outline what the other key benefits they’ll enjoy. Remember, selling is all about selling benefits rather than products and services.

Example: Get through your routine paperwork quicker. Create impressive presentations. Generate more customer leads easily. Enjoy more free time. Make more profit.

7. Tell the reader what to do next. Issue a call to action as it’s known. Again,don’t assume your reader will guess what outcome you’re looking for.

Example: Fill in the attached order form or visit our website now. Call me today now for a free quote.

I hope you find these tips will help you copywrite sales letters better. Why not try them out and see for yourself? Or, if you need more help take a look at my sales copy writing services.

How to copywrite sales letters better.