How To Plan Your First PR Campaign

PR or public relations can be an incredibly important form of marketing nowadays. Public relations is a very powerful form of content marketing. PR can be a great way of getting your message over to prospective customers in a soft sell, ‘under the radar’ way that is much more effective than paid-for advertising. Not only that it is also free …. or almost free.

You don’t have to use a PR agency to do public relations. You can run and manage your own simple campaigns. But to be effective your PR campaigns must be well written and well targeted.

Here are a few tips to help you get better results from PR:

* Before you can launch your PR campaign you’ll need to compile a mailing list of media contacts who are likely to be interested in your news. These could be online or offline publishers, such as newspapers, magazines, newsletters, blogs and websites, radio and TV.

* Do some research. Make a list of as many publications and sites who are likely to be interested in your business, product or service as you can – within whatever area you operate. These could be local, national or even international.

Don’t forget to include any publications you might already advertise in.

* Identify named contacts, such as the editor or publisher, wherever possible. Press releases sent to named contacts will always work better.

* Obtain accurate email addresses for your contacts if possible. Emailed press releases are just as effective if sent to named contacts – and far cheaper than sending by post.

* Try and develop a relationship with these contacts. Phone or email at the outset and ask if they would like to receive your press releases. Ask what sort of news and information they would find useful and valuable. Ask for feedback from time to time so that you can make your press releases even more useful to them.

* Devise high quality stories and write them up so that they are attractive, useful and compelling. Here’s some advice you might find helpful when creating and writing press releases: Promote Your Business With A Press Release …. How To Create Great Press Releases

* Send relevant, original photos with your press release if at all possible. If sending to the print media make sure they’re good enough for print use.

* Set up a press release schedule – and stick to it. You can send press releases a few times a month or a few times a week – or even daily in some circumstances. But make your releases regular. (Try and get a feel for what editors find useful.)

Overall, you need to think of PR as a medium-long term business building strategy. Initially nothing at all may happen as a result of your PR campaigns. Then, one day, when your press release is used you could benefit from thousands of pounds of very effective free advertising.

Over the years I’ve written press releases on everything from property investment and pyrotechnics to philately and pet care. If you’d like help with creating and writing your press release campaign get in touch with me at mark @