5 Things You Must Know To Write The Perfect Sales Letter

Sales letters are one of the most powerful marketing techniques going. A good sales letter, either one which is sent to an email list or even a good old fashioned paper mailing, can bring you all the enquiries and sales you could ever want. But before you sit down to write it there are five things I think you really must know:

1. KNOW what you’re selling.

Before you can write even one word you must know what you’re selling inside out. Ask for samples. Experience the service. The more you know the easier it will be to write your letter.

Now make a list of the features and benefits to use in your letter.

2.KNOW who you’re writing to.

The more information you have about your mailing list the better your letter will be. Are these people young? Old? Predominantly male or female? Past buyers or cold contacts?

Fix a picture of your typical reader in your mind’s eye when you write the letter. And write what you think will appeal to them ….

3.KNOW what your reader is looking for.

Decide what your reader is going to achieve by buying your product.

Are they looking to save money? Have fun? Become more secure? Boost their income?

Make sure your copy addresses that.

4.KNOW how your message is going to be delivered.

There are lots of different ways of delivering a sales message today, and your copy needs to be tailored to suit. If your sales letter is delivered as an email it needs to be short and snappy. If it is a printed letter it can be longer. If it is to be served up on a web page you can (in fact should) have more graphical content.

5.KNOW what you want them to do.

If you don’t know this, then your reader certainly won’t …. and you’re unlikely to get the response you’re looking for.

So, do you want your reader to send for further information, ask for a quote or place an order? Decide what it is and spell it out.

Tip. Even better, give them just one choice of what to do! (For example, enquire, order or whatever it is.)

Need some help with creating your sales letter? Get in touch for tips and advice …. mark @ markhempshell.com