Five Simple ‘ER’ Words That Can Really Boost Your Sales Copy

Drop these five common words into your sales copywriting and watch your response rate improve!

Better. Everyone wants to be better at things. Better at their job, better at sport, better at college, even better at relationships. How can your product or service help your prospective customer be better?

Easier. Most of us don’t like to admit it, but we’re lazy to some extent. It’s basic human nature. So be sure to push how your product or service can allow your reader to achieve things worth achieving with much less effort than they might expect.

Simpler. So OK, we live in a complex world packed with complicated technology. But most people want to know how your product or service can make their life simpler not more complicated.

Cheaper. This is a word you need to use with care but it can be very powerful …. especially in trickier economic times when consumers are more budget conscious. Don’t confuse cheaper with cheap. Tip. Sometimes pushing the fact that your product or service is better value (yes that better word again) can be a more effective angle.

Faster. This is probably the most powerful ‘er’ word going. Most people, especially higher spending groups, are very short of time (these desirable consumers are often thought of as being cash rich and time poor). If your copy gets over how they can achieve MORE in LESS time then it will really help push their buying buttons.

These are just a few words that can help boost your sales copy. There are many, many more which you can use to get better results from your advertising. If you’d like help and advice with your sales copywriting just get in touch – mark @