7 key secrets of successful content marketing …. and 5 ways to implement them now

So OK, there’s so much more to know about content marketing than I could ever explain in an article like this. (Even if I knew everything about content marketing, which I don’t!) But if I had to distil the seven more important principles of content marketing down into a short elevator pitch here is what they’d be. (Oh, and some tips for easy ways to implement them too!)

* Online advertising works best of all when conducted on a ‘softly, softly’ basis.

* Online advertising is about engaging with your customer.

* Content marketing is a key principle of online marketing. The more great content you online publish the better.

* Your online content should be interesting, informative, useful and even enjoyable …. not just selling. And above all shareable.

* Online advertising is social advertising. Expect (and promote) dialogue between you, your prospects, your customers and between customers and customers.

* Online advertising brings the best results in the medium-longer term.

* Well planned and well written copy is central to much online advertising. (Plus great photo and video in some cases.)

Action plan : Putting the 7 key principles of content marketing into practice

* Set up a blog, post to it regularly.

* Explore the opportunities for advertising your business using social media sites, forums/chat rooms and review sites. Be on at least two social media sites.

* Get started with website content marketing. Have a strategy for creating and adding new website content on a regular basis

* Create an email newsletter (an eletter) and start building your email marketing list. Post that content to your blog or website too.

* Start doing some PR …. online.

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