6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Response

So you’ve decided to have a go at email marketing. Snag is, today most people get dozens of emails a day. What can you do to try and ensure your marketing emails get open, read and acted upon?

1. Keep a file of marketing emails you’ve received, opened and read yourself. Ask yourself why you read rather than deleted them. Then try to create a similar, must-open feeling about your own emails.

2.Start with a great subject line, and a great opening paragraph. Try: One. Something which will intrigue or fascinate your reader. Two. Giving a very good reason for opening your email.

But be careful here: Certain words like ‘Free’ …. and any subject line that ends in an exclamation mark …. rate very highly with spam filters. Running your entire email through a spam testing tool can be helpful here.

3.Be informal, but not too formal. An email isn’t the same as a letter so a relaxed, informal style is best. Good tip …. just write as you speak.

At the same time don’t get too personal. The recipient of a marketing email knows full well you’re not their friend – get too friendly and you’ll just come across as insincere.

4.If you’re selling …. don’t be afraid to sell. Don’t try and dress your email up as news or useful information when it’s really a sales email. A handy technique is to alternate sales emails with news and informational emails. That way your reader will come to value your emails and read them even when you’re promoting something.

5.The biggest secret of good email writing is the same as all good copywriting: Push the benefits to the reader. What’s in this email for them? If you’re selling, what will the product or service do for them?

6.Get the frequency right. This is a tricky one that even expert email marketers find difficult. Daily is almost always far too frequent. But mail monthly and you’ll struggle to make an impact.

Ask yourself, how often would you be happy to receive your emails? (Tip. Start at once a week and take it from there.)

I hope you’ve found these email marketing tips handy. If you’d like individual advice on your email copy and suggestions for making it better drop me an email at mark @ markhempshell.com