Marketing Your Business On A Tight Budget

While digital marketing is the latest thing in business marketing, it’s not always easy or cheap. Fortunately there are still some simple ways of advertising and marketing your business that are cheap or even free. Here are some ideas for low cost and free advertising and marketing.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend that you use only these methods instead of paid advertising but they can be a useful addition to the range of marketing tools you can use.

Word of mouth. This is one of the best ways of bringing in business for a new or small project. Get some business cards. Hand a stack out to everyone who know. Ask them to tell their friends and colleagues about what you’re doing and help spread the word.

Window cards. In shop windows, supermarket notice boards, church, club and community centre notice boards. These are low cost or even free. But be sure to place plenty of cards – not just one or two – if you want a good response.

Local newspapers and freesheets. A cheap way of targeting customers in your local area. Always negotiate on advertising rates though as the ad. sales people will often take much less than the rate card price.

Street posters. Again good high-impact advertising that can get you noticed fast. Many local councils don’t like you putting posters up on lamp posts etc. Look for local people or shops who will display a poster in their garden or in their window for a small rental.

Leaflets. Door to door and street hand-outs. A great cheap way of getting a lot of business quickly. Make sure they are good quality or people won’t read them.

Free newspaper coverage. Contact all your local newspapers and tell them about your new business. Send them a press release and a photograph. Most of them will be glad to run a news story on your new business, which is great free publicity. Send them more press releases from time to time.

Radio and TV. It’s always worth contacting your local radio and TV stations. They might invite you to come in and talk about what you’re doing, which again is great publicity for nothing.

Speeches and presentations. Offer to give free talks on what you’re doing to local clubs, associations, community groups and business clubs. Most are always glad to hear from new potential guest speakers. Works well if your product or service is relevant to that group.

Social media. You don’t necessarily need to pay out for a website for your business. And, in fact, unless you’re willing to put the effort in it could bring you little or no response.

But – simply opening a Facebook, Twitter or YouTube account and posting to it regularly will mean potential customers will find out about you and the products and services you’re offering.

Mark Hempshell is a copywriter and content marketer. Find more useful articles and information at