What’s wrong with your website? How it could be improved?

This website appraisal is designed to spot what is good and bad about your website content …. and come up with practical suggestions to improve it.

Maybe your website looks good. But how well does it read? Maybe you’re too close to it to really know. This is where the opinion of an impartial content expert can help.

Here are just a few of the areas I’ll report back on:

– The all important front page. Does it attract attention? Does it encourage your reader to keep reading …. and stay on your site?

– Is your content interesting …. or better still engaging?

– Is your content clear and concise? (Does it even make sense?)

– What needs to be added …. and what shouldn’t be there?

– Does your content have that all important call to action?

– How could your content be better optimised for search engines?

And very importantly: How could your content be improved …. to increase your enquires and increase your sales?

Once I’ve carried out an in-depth appraisal of your content I’ll report my findings in a thorough written report. Plus as part of my appraisal I’ll also make practical suggestions for copy and content that will positively improve your website. (There’s absolutely no obligation to proceed, but if you do I’ll refund your £99!)

To order your appraisal now simply click below. I’ll be in touch as soon as possible to confirm everything and make arrangements for your appraisal.

Please note, this appraisal covers your website content rather than the design …. so don’t worry, it won’t upset your website designer!

To discuss anything before you order feel free to get in touch with me: Email: mark@markhempshell.com