How to Write Great Marketing Emails

Email can be a powerful yet inexpensive method of marketing. But if your email marketing is to bring great results you’ll need to write great emails. Here are some tips that will help you write better marketing emails:

Know your audience. Just like when writing any kind of communication you need to know who you’re writing to if you’re going to write to them in terms they’ll understand and appreciate.

Are they young, old, customers or prospective customers and so on?

By and large people don’t want to read marketing emails. So your emails should consist predominantly of something readers will want to receive, open and read – such as news, useful information, tips, advice, ideas etc.

Things like money off and special offers are not in themselves useful information or news.

Have a great headline. Something short and snappy that will attract attention and encourage opening. (Be wary of using words that are likely to be blocked as spam though, such as ‘free’.)

But – make sure the content of your email delivers on the promise or offer made in the headline or your emails might not get opened again.

Keep it fairly short. Again, by and large people don’t want to read lengthy emails/have to keep scrolling down. If you want to talk about something in more detail include links, such as to your blog or website and put the information there.

Sell in a subtle way. Having said people don’t want to read marketing emails you can still sell …. if you do it in a way that is not too intrusive. Here are two techniques that can work: You can include an ad. banner within the body of your useful information. Secondly, you can use an endorsement, recommendation or review for something.

Have some way of measuring response. Otherwise you won’t know what works and what doesn’t, nor be able to improve your marketing emails in future. Try incorporating a survey. Or just asking readers for their thoughts, comments or questions. And remember – there is nothing more pointless than a marketing email sent from a ‘no reply’ address.

These are just a few of the techniques you can use to create great marketing emails. For help with creating top quality marketing emails and email marketing campaigns contact me at mark @