41 Quick And Easy Phrases That Will Lift Any Copy

41 of the easiest ways I know to pretty much guarantee your content will get read more. Just add a liberal selection of these phrases to your content to make it more interesting …. and more readable.

A limited opportunity

Absolutely no obligation

Alternatively, you can

At long last

Being honest now

Do it today

Don’t miss it

Free gift

Free trial

How to …

If I said to you

Improve your …

In fact …

It’s true!

Learn about ….

Needless to say

Opportunity knocks

Please don’t miss ….

Save money with ….

Save time with …

So what do you say?

Special offer

Test it

The best in ….

The best your money can buy

The choice is yours

The easy way to ….

The only way to….

There is no doubt

This just can’t be beaten

Treat yourself

Try it

Try it for yourself

Unbelievable but true!

Waiting to be discovered

We guarantee

We promise

You won’t be disappointed

You won’t regret it

Your chance to ….

Your opportunity to ….

Mark Hempshell is a copywriter and content marketer. More free copywriting and content tips on Mark’s website here: Mark Hempshell: Writer, copywriter, editor, content marketeer for hire.