Why, Even In The Digital Age, You STILL Need A Brochure

Why a sales brochure still has a place in the digital world.

I know you’re probably thinking … why do we need a brochure? What can a brochure do for us? In an age when even that most iconic of brochures – the travel brochure – seems to be on the way out a brochure seems to be something you can manage without.

Well, there are still LOTS of good reasons why you need a brochure. Here are just a few to consider:

* A brochure is a great hands-on sales tool. It’s easier for sales people to sell if they have something to refer to when selling.

* It’s a quick and cost effective way of handling enquiries. You can send it out in response to casual phone calls or emails asking for more information. It’s easy and quick.

* Having a brochure just makes your business look more professional. If you asked a potential supplier for a brochure and THEY didn’t have one what would you think?

It helps give you an advantage over competitors that don’t have a brochure. Even if just a small one it can still help to swing the balance.

* A brochure has lots of other sales and marketing uses too. You can use it to conduct a direct mailing campaign. You can hand it out at meetings, seminars or exhibitions.

So having established you need a brochure what should your brochure include?

Here are a few ideas for content that will help your brochure impress:

* A good front cover. With a strong title or headline that will encourage readers to open your brochure in the first place.

* Product and service information – a staple of every brochure.

* Strong benefits of using your product or service. Especially benefits that are unique to you.

* Case studies, of clients/customers who’ve benefited from your product or service.

* Testimonials, from satisfied customers.

* A company and/or employee profiles. Some information on your background and credentials to help establish your credibility.

* A call to action! Including clear details on what interested readers should do next, including contact details.

* Other non-copy devices you can use in brochures include photos, illustrations, diagrams and the very latest way of presenting information … infographics.

Remember – your brochure doesn’t necessarily have to be in a paper version. You can have a e-brochure as well as or instead of a print brochure. In which case you can include links to web content or maybe even interactive elements. A e-brochure still offers most of the benefits of a paper one and is cheaper to produce too.

I hope you’ve found that useful. If you would like some more help with writing copy for your brochure get in touch with me: mark @ markhempshell.com