Online Advertising and Offline Advertising : How Are They Different ?

Find out why what works in offline advertising often won’t work in online advertising.

It really is no exaggeration to say that online advertising, done properly, offers incredible potential to generate more leads, more customers and make more sales.

Online advertising offers scope to promote your business effectively at relatively low cost. And access new audiences and new wider markets around the country and even around the world that traditional advertising struggles to.

But online advertising is quite different to conventional offline advertising.

Conventional offline advertising tends to be very direct, and very hard sell in nature. Online advertising, on the other hand, tends to be quite indirect and more soft sell.

Rather than being focussed solely on making the sale online advertising is more about engaging with the customer.

Rather than pushing out a relentless, sometimes ruthless sales message online advertising is about getting information about your product or service out, telling a story, and nudging the customer towards a purchase.

Rather than making a one-off sale at any cost online advertising is about building a long term, profitable relationship with your customers.

Social is a word we often hear in relation to online advertising. That kind of suggests that buying and selling shouldn’t be an us-versus-them situation but part of our everyday lives. Something that the Internet, now it is part of almost everyone’s everyday lives, is perfectly placed to do.

So, while online advertising is indeed very different to conventional stick-an-ad.-in-the-paper-and-wait type advertising it is in many ways more natural. And so holds scope to be much more effective.

To anyone with some knowledge of conventional advertising this may seem strange. But it is the way online advertising is done and, so far at least, the way it seems to work.

Lastly, online advertising is, to some extent, unproven too. So the old advertising adage of test, test and test again very much applies even to the newest media!

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