20 Cut-and-Paste Ways To Make Your Copywriting Better

Here are 20 very simple cut-and-paste ways that I PROMISE you will make your sales letters, emails, product ads., online content and press releases better – and better selling.

These ways are nothing revolutionary, nothing really that clever. But if you add a liberal sprinkling of these words into your copy it WILL sell better. Virtually guaranteed.

They’re not even new and I certainly can’t claim to have invented them. These 20 MOST PERSUASIVE WORDS IN ADVERTISING were first published by advertising genius David Ogilvy back in 1963.

And you know what? By and large these words are still as effective today as they ever were.

Whatever you’re wring about simply cut an paste some of these persuasive words into your copy and feel the difference:

1. Suddenly
2. Now
3. Announcing
4. Introducing
5. Improvement
6. Amazing
7. Sensational
8. Remarkable
9. Revolutionary
10. Startling
11. Miracle
12. Magic
13. Offer
14. Quick
15. Easy
16. Wanted
17. Challenge
18. Compare
19. Bargain
20. Hurry

I hope you find these tips useful. If you’d like more help and advice with your copywriting drop me an email at mark @ markhempshell.com