6 Ways Surveys Can Help Grow Your Business

How Conducting Surveys Can Benefit Your Business

Would you like to increase your sales and expand your business? Would you like to get valuable marketing research data about your business, and your customers, that can help you do that? Would you like to understand your customers better, and find out how to sell them more? And would you like to achieve all this at very little cost?

I know it seems a tall order, but setting up customer surveys could be the solution.

Here are just some of the very useful and valuable market research information you can obtain by conducting a survey:

1.You can find out what people want to buy.

Just because you sell it, and it sells, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the very best thing you could sell. By simply asking your customers what they buy, what else they buy, and what else they would like to be able to buy, you can improve and enhance your product offering.

2.You can find out who your customers are.

Let’s be frank, do you really know anyway? Not only that, but you can cross-reference this information to sales and find out who your most profitable customers are – then focus on selling more effectively to them.

3.You can find out what people want to pay.

It’s always a good idea to offer your customers at a price they’re happy to pay rather than what you want or need to charge. A survey can help find out if your current pricing strategies are putting your customers off ….. or even if you could charge more.

4.You can find out how to improve.

Ask respondents what they like about your product and service – and also what they don’t like so much. Do more of one and less of the other!

5.You can find out the best places to reach your customers.

Ask respondents how they found out about you. Also ask them what other methods they use to find out about things they want to buy, and to help research buying decisions. For example, which social media do they use, and which do they use most. You can then identify what methods and media to base your marketing strategy around, and how to attract new customers of the same type.

6.You can find out about your competitors ….. and how to beat them.

Ask your respondents to tell you what other companies they buy the same/similar products and services from. And what they do well/badly. You can use this insight to improve your own product/service …. or even target your competitors’ weak points.

There are various ways of conducting surveys. Many of them are quick and cheap and can provide you with useful feedback for very little time and effort. For example, you can run a poll on your website, blog or social media. You can send out a survey questionnaire by email or in the post. You could even think about running a focus group.