How to Write Persuasive Sales Copy That Sells

In a world of online marketing, there are some copywriting techniques from the old, offline days that work just as well if not better. And this is one of them!

Content that sells is normally sales content that persuades. Content that persuades people to read, understand and ultimately act on your sales message.

But how do you write persuasive content?

Here are a few of my favourite copywriting techniques for writing sales-orientated content that persuades:

Make it interesting …. and informative.

Sales copy that’s all about selling is never very interesting to read. In fact, some people today positively avoid trying to read it at all. Your copy is much more likely to be read if it offers some content around your subject and product area that is interesting and informative.

Here’s one way of doing that: Think of your copy as an article rather than an advertisement.

Make it personal.

The most persuasive sales copy is the copy that talks to one listener across one table. It doesn’t lecture to the whole crowd across the entire room.

Here’s a good tip for making this easier: Think about one person who is your ideal buyer for your product, and write your copy as if you’re writing just to them.

Make it credible.

Almost everyone who reads your content will have had bad customer experiences where products and services that promised everything delivered nothing. So, exaggerated claims and vague promises tend to be viewed with scepticism. It’s much better, and you’re much more likely to be believed, if you make reasonable claims and promises that appear to be readily deliverable.

Think of it this way: Do you believe what you’re writing? If you don’t, who else will?

Make it factual.

Facts and figures are a good way of adding substance to your copy, as well as making it more credible. People are more likely to read facts and figures than claims.

But …. but sure to check your facts to make sure they’re accurate.

Make it visual.

The most effective sales copy is all about not just telling but helping your reader to visualise their ownership of the product you’re trying to sell them.

Here’s an effective way to do this: Imagine your reader using/benefiting from/enjoying your product or service. Describe that picture to your reader in your copy.

Make it actionable.

Writing a piece of copy that uses the techniques above is one thing but the acid test is this: It won’t be truly persuasive if your readers don’t actually do what you want them to do!

This is the best way to ensure this: Take no chances! Spell out clearly what you would like your reader to do …. whether it is to order, to enquire or whatever.

Mark Hempshell is a copywriitng consultant and content marketer. You can contact him with questions and queries here: Mark Hempshell