Is Your Website Missing Something Important? (Answer Yes, Probably!)

Five things every website needs …. but many don’t have!

Great content – and lots of it – is vital if your website is to be a success.

Here are five things your website ought to have. Is yours missing anything?

* A blog. Blog posts are a great form of content marketing and social marketing – the latest thing in Internet marketing. Quite apart from that they’re just a very good way of keeping people coming back to your website.

Try to have a high proportion of original blogged writing rather than reblogs or shares.

Here’s an article about why this is important.

* How to articles. These are a good way of presenting yourself as an expert source of information on the subject – knowledgeable and authoritative. They also help to engage visitors with you and your business.

Have a think …. what ‘how to’ articles around your product or service might visitors find useful?

* A news section. This is a really simple way of providing new, dynamic ever-changing content for your website.

News can be your own business or product news, news taken from a feed or news collected using a curation tool.

Again, try to have a high proportion of original material.

* A FAQs or frequently asked questions section.

What might your prospective customers need to know? What concerns might be putting them off buying? You can address those issues here.

Your FAQs section needs to be comprehensive and well indexed if it is to be really useful and effective.

* An opt-in newsletter. Offering a newsletter means you can contact visitors whenever you like, rather than waiting and hoping they come back to you.

Here’s an article about setting up a newsletter.

Make sure your newsletter content is useful and informative rather than just salesy – and aim to send your newsletter regularly. In fact, to get the very best results, that’s a good piece of advice to follow not just for a newsletter but for all the content on your website.

If you’d like more help with setting up and writing any of these things don’t hesitate to get in touch – mark @