Stuff Google …. Write For Your Reader !

The real truth about search engine optimisation.

I often get asked by my small business clients … what can I do to make sure my content is picked up by Google and reaches page one? Are there any tricks I can use?

Well, although there are a few techniques professional writers can make use of, my answer is usually this …

Stuff Google!

Well, not exactly shun them altogether. They are a little too important to overlook completely. But what I mean is …

Put your site visitors and readers first.

And here’s why: As a small business the chances you will impress Google with your content enough to top page one are minimal. Big companies spend millions trying to achieve this and still don’t succeed. There’s very little chance you can compete.

But the chances you will impress your site visitors and potential customers with good content are VERY, VERY HIGH indeed.

You see, good, useful, valuable content might (and frequently is) overlooked by the Google search algorithm – despite what they might say –  but it really does cut the ice with real people.

And here are just a few things you can achieve with real people and great content:

* Your site visitors will be impressed with the quality of your content.

* They’ll see you as a source of good information, not just a product/service seller.

* They’ll remember your name over and above that of your competitors.

* They’ll keep coming back to your site.

* And when they’re ready to buy chances are they will buy from you.

In today’s virtual, digital world it might seem a little naïve to downplay the importance of Google. But in real world, small business marketing writing for real people not a computer is a practical solution.

And, better still, it works every time.

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