5 simple and easy tips that will get your content read more …. and I absolutely, positively guarantee it

Here are five simple and easy tips that will get your content read more

…. and I absolutely, positively guarantee that they will work for you!

By the way, I’ll explain at the end of this piece how to claim on my guarantee. If it doesn’t work, I’ll give you something valuable for FREE.

Nowadays, with so much copy and content out there getting your stuff even read in the first place isn’t easy. It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, you don’t stand a chance of getting that across if your content isn’t even read.

There are a few simple and easy-to-use techniques you can use to get your content read more. Here are some content writing techniques to try:

1.Open with a statement or claim, preferably an odd one, then offer an explanation right at the end.

For example: 33,332 dog-loving accountants love this, here’s precisely why …

This is one of the very best techniques. It pretty much always works. And there are so many permutations you can use that your readers won’t ever get tired of it and start to ignore it.

2.Offer your reader something. For example: I have something of value to offer you today, all will be revealed shortly.

Money off or a free gift are just two ideas, but there are loads of others.

If you’re giving something away anyway, which is often a good marketing strategy, then you might as well extract full value from it and this is one way to do. Obviously, don’t reveal your giveaway, or more specifically how to claim it, until the end of your content.

3.Centre the title around one topic, but then don’t mention that topic at all in your opener. For example, your title might be: What your cat can teach you about succeeding in social media

Then your opener might be: It’s often said that the most sophisticated marketing techniques are actually the simplest.

This comes with a degree of risk on that people won’t bother reading on to find out what your title is about, or it will just leave them plain confused. But it plays on the curiosity factor and can and does work.

It also means that you can use a bold, stand out headline even if your subject is neither bold nor stand out.

4.Ask people to read it all. For example: This is important, so please keep reading until the end.

This seems too obvious to work, but tests have shown that it can increase readership rates by between a third and a half. As well as appealing to your reader’s sense of curiosity people actually do respond to requests, and the simpler the better.

The secret with this technique is not to use it too often. Only use it when either it is important or you can’t think of anything better.

5.Just make your content so darn compelling that your readers just can’t help but read it. At the end of the day this is the very best way to get your content read right through to the end.

There are a few different ways to make your content compelling. But one of the very best ways is to focus on benefits. Benefits for the reader that is. Focus heavily on what your product or service will being to them.

Using benefits is just one idea amongst many. I’ll reveal some of those which I use regularly in future articles.

By the way, I did guarantee that that these five techniques will work for you …. so here’s my guarantee:

Try any of these five techniques free for 30 days. If it doesn’t work send it back to me, and I’ll exchange it for a replacement technique free of charge.

See, these techniques really do work!