Four Things That WILL Make Your Business Blogging Better

There are lots of good reasons for setting up a business blog. For example, it can raise your profile, help get you known as an expert and – most important of all – help you gain valuable Internet traffic.

But what can you put in it? How can you make your blog better? In particular to try and make sure that people want to keep coming back and reading it.

Well although a blog is on the face of it a ‘what I did to day type’ diary. That’s not really all that interesting to your potential readers.

So what works well in a blog?

Generally, blog posts should be something that is positive.

And even better something that is useful.

Here are a few ideas for better blogging:

A success story

People like success stories. Look at what you’ve done over, say, the last week and draw a success story from it. For example, maybe you’ve exceeded sales targets. Or signed a new customer. Or successfully won a big order. Write about what happened and what others can learn from it.

Motivational advice

Again, this fits in nicely with the positive vibe a blog should have. Try and think of a useful lesson you’ve learned in the past. For example, something that went wrong in your business or job and what you did to successfully turn it around. Write an account of it. It can even be anecdotal or humorous if you like.

How to advice

Think of an area of your subject of interest. Something that other people might be interested in learning how to do. Or even how to do better. For example, how to complete a tax return. Or how to cook for a dinner party. Or even how to write a better blog! Write a short ‘how to’ guide for whatever it is.

A news digest

Sort through all the latest news from your business/industry/profession/hobby or whatever and write a concise summary of the most important points.

This is one of the very best uses of a blog and something that will come back for. There’s so much news and content on the Internet nowadays that sorting and presenting the really useful stuff is a good draw.

Better still, add your own twist, to make your own unique news source.

Remember you can also reblog the content from other relevant, good quality blogs. (This is similar to retweeting on Twitter.) But don’t overdo it … your readers really want to know what you think and original copy will always work best,

I hope you’ve found these blogging ideas handy. If you’d like help with writing compelling blog posts drop me an email at mark @