Book Writing Service

Writing a book can be a very good way of promoting your business, or even promoting yourself.

Just look at how many books are reviewed on TV, radio, in the press or online generating valuable publicity for their authors.

Being the author of a book marks you out as ‘the expert’ in your trade or profession.

Or your book can be a money making product. You can sell it to your customers, or even sell it in the bookshops and on Amazon if you want to.

I have many years of experience in writing and publishing non-fiction books. I’ve written and published books of my own and ghostwritten books for other writers.

I can help with either planning and writing a book from scratch for you, or editing and improving a book you’ve already written (or started but not finished writing!).

I can also advise on book printing, publishing, distribution, marketing and sales. I can also help with writing and publishing your book as an ebook.

If you’re thinking about writing a book and would like some help with doing it drop me an email at

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